2021 IBMN Annual Winter Gathering

2020 IBMN Annual Winter Gathering

Recommended for: All interested parties

It’s time again for our annual winter gathering. This year’s guest speaker Nicole Kucherov. Nicole earned her Master’s degree at Miami University’s Global Field Program, where she began this research with her advisor, Kevin Matteson. Her studies focused on the importance of conservation at a local level, the ecological importance of native plants, and engaging communities in environmental stewardship and citizen science. Her interests include plant-insect interactions and native plant restoration, as well as creating natural habitat in suburban and agricultural landscapes. Previously a high school science teacher, Nicole also designs science curriculum with a focus on inquiry and outdoor exploration.

Title: Influence of climate variables and landscape characteristics on IBMN butterfly populations over 20 years.

Description: Despite increasing concern regarding broad-scale declines in insects, there are few published long-term, systematic butterfly surveys in North America. We analyzed 20 years of IBMN data at seven consistently-monitored protected areas, and found that both butterfly abundance and species richness declined over time. Abundance declines were significant, with an observed average decrease of 44% between the first and last sampling periods, and not restricted to particular functional groups. In contrast, there was an observed average decline of 25% between the first and last sampling periods for species richness, and the decline was only significant for the univoltine functional group. Although butterfly communities changed through time, we did not find that the populations were necessarily becoming more similar between sites, perhaps because abundance declines occurred across all functional groups. This talk will discuss the trends for various butterfly functional groups at the seven sites as well as the connections with climates variables and landscape characteristics. 

In addition to our keynote we will present summaries of our activities from the 2020 monitoring season.

Time: 9:00 am

Location: This year’s gathering will take place virtually via zoom. Register for the event here.