Supply Sources

Websites that have books and supplies of use to butterfly monitors.

Sources of Close-Focus Binoculars for Butterfly Viewing

Field guides that we recommend

  • Butterflies of Illinois: A Field Guide (Main Page) (Amazon)
    – Definitive field guide for all non-skipper butterflies in Illinois.
  • Golden Guide to Butterflies (Main Page) (Amazon)
    – Ideal for people just starting with butterflies
  • Kaufman Focus Guide to Butterflies of North America (Main Page) (Amazon)
    – Excellent resource to all of North America
  • Butterflies through Binoculars – The East (Amazon)
    – Excellent photographic guide. No confusing western species.
  • Butterflies of Indiana: A Field Guide (Main Page) (Amazon)
    – Getting excellent reviews. Should be great for Illinois folks.