2008 Site Summary

StateCountySiteRouteNumber of SurveysNumber of Species
ILCookAlfred Caldwell Lily PoolMain Route77
ILCarrollAyers Sand PrairieOld Route36
ILCookBartel GrasslandsMain Route36
ILDuPageBelmont PrairieMain Route416
ILCookBergman SloughMain Route524
ILDuPageBlackwell Kame South Route734
ILCookBluff Spring FenMain Route425
ILMcHenryBoger FenMain Route615
ILWillBraidwood DunesNorth Route638
ILCookBrookfield WoodsMain Route49
ILLakeBuffalo CreekEast Route59
ILLakeBuffalo CreekWest Route1016
ILCookBunker HillOld Oxbow Route110
ILCookBunker HillOld Prairie Route611
ILKaneBurlington PrairieOld North Route516
ILCookCamp SagawauMain Route615
ILCookCap SauersMain Route522
ILLakeChain O' LakesOld Route611
ILCookCherry Hill WoodsMain Route914
ILDuPageChurchill PrairieMain Route49
ILMcHenryCotton Creek MarshMain Route628
ILLakeCuba MarshMain Route915
ILCookDan McMahonMain Route628
ILDuPageDanadaEast Route513
ILDuPageDeer Wood FarmOld Route613
ILKaneDick Young Nelson Lake Marsh627
ILKaneDick Young West Route318
ILCookDropseed PrairieMain Route810
INLakeDuPont Natural AreaMain Route1028
ILMcHenryExner MarshMain Route717
ILMcHenryFel-ProOld Route621
ILKaneFermilabOld Indian Creek Route617
ILKaneFerson Creek FenMain Route415
ILDuPageFischer WoodsDunklee's Grove/Prairie624
ILLakeFlorsheim Nature PreserveMain Route715
ILPeoriaForest ParkMain Route1124
ILKaneFreeman KameMain Route521
ILMcHenryGladstone FenMain Route614
ILCookGompers ParkOld Route87
ILLakeGrant WoodsSouth Route728
ILLeeGreen RiverMain Route625
ILDuPageGreene Valley Forest PreserveMain Route714
ILLakeHafner MeadowMain Route46
ILCookHarper CollegeMain Route1320
ILMcHenryHarvard SavannaOld Route29
ILDuPageHawk HollowGilbert Creek Marsh619
ILDuPageHawk HollowMain Route616
ILLakeHeller Nature CenterMain Route919
ILDuPageHerrick LakeOld Route817
ILWillHickory Creek BarrensMain Route929
ILDuPageHidden LakeLong Marsh616
ILCookHidden PondMain Route819
ILLakeHighmoor/HyberniaOld Route15
ILKaneHorlock HillOld Route412
ILLakeIllinois Beach State ParkOld Route515
ILIroquoisIroquois County State Wildlife AreaMain Route210
INLakeIvanhoe PreserveMain Route1029
ILMcHenryLake in the Hills FenOld Route424
ILWillLockport PrairieMain Route29
ILDuPageMaple GroveMain Route610
ILDuPageMeacham GroveMain Route125
ILChampaignMeadowbrook ParkMain Route412
ILLakeMiddlefork SavannaCentral Route814
ILWillMidewinOld Route 66 Prairie514
ILWillMidewinUpper Drummond Old Route510
ILWillMidewin Blodgett Road625
ILWillMidewin Grant Creek Annex710
ILWillMidewin Lower 108610
ILWillMidewin Middle Grant Creek East Old Route17
ILWillMidewin South Patrol Road532
ILCookMontrose Point Magic HedgeOld Route59
ILDuPageMorton ArboretumEast Woods34
ILDuPageMorton ArboretumOld Heritage Trail615
ILDuPageMorton ArboretumPrairies510
ILCookMuseum CampusOld Route65
ILCookNorth Park Village Nature CenterMain Route818
ILCookPoplar CreekSchaumburg Road Old Route411
ILCookPoplar CreekShoe Factory Road519
ILLakePrairie Wolf SloughMain Route519
ILDuPagePratt's Wayne WoodsBrewster Creek Marsh Old Route521
ILDuPagePratt's Wayne WoodsStearns Marsh West722
ILWillRomeoville PrairieMain Route410
ILLakeRyerson Conservation AreaMain Route724
ILCookSalt Creek WoodsOld Route719
ILCookSauganash PrairieMain Route817
ILDeKalbShabbona Lake State ParkMain Route627
ILMcHenrySilver CreekOld Route517
ILCookSommePrairie Preserve610
ILCookSomme Prairie Grove527
ILDuPageSongbird SloughMain Route920
ILCookSouth Shore Cultural CenterOld Route22
ILCookSpears WoodsMain Route626
ILCookSpring CreekMain Route621
ILCookSpring Valley Nature CenterNorth Route1721
ILCookSpring Valley Nature CenterOld South Route825
ILDuPageSpringbrook PrairieCrooked Slough69
ILMcHenryStickney RunMain Route621
ILCookSundrop PrairieMain Route715
ILCookThe Grove West Route614
ILCookTheodore Stone WoodsMain Route310
ILWhitesideThomson-Fulton Sand PrairieMain Route918
ILColesThorsen PrairieMain Route827
ILDuPageTimber RidgeKline Savanna620
INLakeTolleston RidgesMain Route920
ILCookTurnbull WoodsMain Route910
ILLakeVolo BogOld Route615
ILLakeVolo BogPistakee Meadow413
ILLakeVolo BogWilson Prairie421
ILDuPageWaterfall Glen Dolomite Prairie618
ILDuPageWaterfall Glen Old Signal Hill630
ILDuPageWaterfall Glen Poverty Prairie414
ILDuPageWaterfall Glen Poverty Savanna620
ILCookWayside Woods PrairieMain Route416
ILDuPageWest Chicago PrairieOld Route732
ILDuPageWest DuPage WoodsMain Route624
ILMcHenryWingate PrairieMain Route820
ILCookWolf Road PrairieMain Route614
ILDuPageWood Ridge Forest PreserveOld Route514